Man’s Plans and God’s

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“Woe to those who plan iniquity, to those who plot evil on their beds!”  (Micah 2:1)

How can you restrain yourself from hating those who’ve done you wrong?

Doesn’t God know that its very hard to forgive them?

And it’s even harder to love them. Sometimes it’s really difficult to be God’s servant.

This morning I woke up upset. For the past two years I’ve been waking up this way because of my neighbors. Our neighborhood isn’t exactly favorable. In three words I’ll describe it as cramped, foul-smelling and  rowdy. I regret having moved here and everyday I wish I could move out. Sadly, my family has no means so all we can do is to tolerate everything.

Frankly speaking, my neighbors are the ones causing me pain. They are too loud and inconsiderate. Ugh, how I hate them! I couldn’t sleep, study or pray in silence because SILENCE IS IMPOSSIBLE IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD.

So I burst out of my room, cursing my neighbors furiously. But my father rebuked me at once saying,

“Do not go down to their level. If you nag like your neighbors, you’ll become one of them.”

I realized my father is right. I always dignify myself for being prudent, and I won’t allow my neighbors to destroy that. Then my anger died and I was able to eat my breakfast heartily.

Thinking about my experience, I always wonder how the Saints can easily forgive others. I mean, it’s really hard to do good all the time. Isn’t it? We have to restrain ourselves even if we are hurt or angry inside.

Then how could Christ forgive those who crucified Him?

If I were in His position, maybe I would plot evil against those men and save my life. But that is NOT the Lord’s way. I’m not the most kind or intelligent person, and I may be young to realize this, but I know that CHRIST WANTS US TO BE LIKE HIM. AND HE SHOWED US THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF FORGIVENESS BY DYING ON THE CROSS. So to be Christ-like is to forgive those who caused us pain, not plot evil against them.

This is what I always tell myself: To do good and become Christ-like may be difficult but God always bless those who serve Him.

So how can we deal with those who are hurting us? Simple, we pray for them just as Christ prayed for those who crucified Him. If you do, believe that God will bless you. ⛪

Five Finger Prayer

When we pray, we do not only ask blessings for ourselves but like a little child, we ask God to bless others.

The five finger prayer reminds us to pray for those who are in desperate need of our prayers.


Here’s how to pray the 5 Finger Prayer:

  1. Thumb – since this finger is closest to your chest when you fold your hands in prayer, the thumb is offered for those closest to your heart. Use this finger to pray for your loved ones like family and friends.
  2.  Pointing finger – use this finger to offer your prayer to God’s instruments i.e the Pope, bishops, priests and nuns (if you’re a Catholic) or for pastors and fellow Christians. Mainly, this finger reminds us to pray for God’s Church so they will remain faithful and strong in faith.
  3.  Middle finger – being the tallest of all, the middle finger symbolizes the people in authority. Use this finger to pray for all leaders and workers. Personally, I use this finger  to pray for my teachers, employers and even the leaders of our country. Whenever I pray for them, I ask God to keep them under His grace that they may realize the value of integrity and true service.
  4. Ring finger – I especially love this finger because it reminds me to pray for those who are in most need of God’s mercy. Offer a prayer for the poor, the old, the lonely, the sick, the widows, the orphans, those who are brokenhearted, imprisoned,  and dying. Also, pray for the youth and the weak that God may comfort and strengthen them. Pray that they may never lose hope but continue to seek His mercy and healing power.
  5. Little finger – farthest from our chest and littlest of all, the little finger is offered for oneself. Now is your chance to tell God your weaknesses and sins, and ask Him to heal you. Tell Him also of your dreams and aspirations that He may bless your plans. Ask Him to bless and protect you. Finally offer a thanksgiving  for gratitude brings down a blessing.

Remember to ask much for others, ask much. God loves generous hearts which forget themselves for others.  That’s it. The Five Finger Prayer. It’s very simple yet powerful.

Dealing with Battles

I would like to share this simple story from a priest during his homily… A story about two soldiers in battle.

During a war, bombs & bullets were flying all over the battlefield causing a massive destruction. Two soldiers  took cover behind a boulder to escape death. One is a captain and the other is a first lieutenant. They calculated that they have no match against the strength of their opponent. The first lieutenant said to his commander,

“Sir! The enemy is strong and our army is losing. Let us pray that God is on our side.”

“No,” said his commanding officer. “Instead let us pray that we are on God’s side.”

Do you see the difference?

There is no problem with asking a lot from God because He is very kind and generous. However, we should look at our thoughts and aspirations and see if they are in accordance with His will.

If we are going to start war, let us first check if we are on God’s side.

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The Healing Power In Your Tears


For many adults, crying is a sign of weakness.

How many times a week do you secretly cry in your bed at night? Or when was the last time you cried alone?

I remember the last time I cried. It was only last night. I couldn’t sleep though I was very sleepy. I kept on tossing and turning on my bed, desperate for a dream. Suddenly, I happened to gaze at a picture of The Sacred Heart on the wall. For a moment I was captured by our Savior’s charming eyes and smile. Then I realized the reason why I couldn’t sleep was because I was anxious about my problems; for the past days I’ve been burying all my frustrations in my chest. But after seeing Jesus’ face I realized that I don’t have to worry.

And so I cried. As the tears flowed I said to Him: “Lord, thank you for allowing men and women to cry in Your presence. We’ve been burying all the pain inside our chest that it gets heavier and harder to carry. But now you are here, things will get better. You are the best comforter.”

After that prayer, a thought came to my head.

How come we get sleepy after crying?

Again I saw Jesus’ smile on my wall as if saying this.

Little child, you feel sleepy after crying because you need rest from all that’s hurting you.

A little moment later, I fell asleep.pizap.com14397948419861